Deborah Mauskopf Deliyannis

Associate Chair, Department of History

Professor, Department of History

Department of History

IU; IU Bloomington

Full Biography

I specialize in the history and material culture of early medieval Europe. I have a background in archaeology and architectural history, and I combine those topics with the study of the way history was written in the Early Middle Ages. I have published a Latin edition and an English translation of the ninth-century author Agnellus' Liber pontificalis ecclesiae Ravennatis (Book of Pontiffs of the Church of Ravenna). I have also edited a book entitled Historiography in the Middle Ages.  My book Ravenna in Late Antiquity is a history of the city and monuments of Ravenna from the fifth to the ninth centuries (2010).  Another book, Fifty Early Medieval Things, was co-written with Paolo Squatriti and Hendrik Dey, and was published in 2019.  My current book project considers the role of bishops as church-builders, from late antiquity through the Carolingian period. Finally, I am the Executive Editor of The Medieval Review, an online book review journal in medieval studies. I teach surveys and upper-level courses on medieval history, as well as more specialized courses on topics related to the western European Early Middle Ages.

Research Interests

  • Late antique and early medieval Europe
  • Medieval historiography
  • Urban change in Late Antiquity
  • Material culture and archaeology


  • B.A. at Yale University, 1988
  • Ph.D. at University of Pennsylvania, 1994

Courses Taught

  • B208 Pagans and Christians in the Early Middle Age
  • H206 Medieval Civilization
  • B351 Western Europe in the Early Middle Ages
  • B348 Byzantine History
  • C390 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
  • J300 Anglo-Saxon England
  • Graduate classes on medieval historiography, medieval ethnicity, essential readings in early medieval history and/or late antiquity, and other topics



  • Ed., Historiography in the Middle Ages, E.J. Brill, 2003.
  • The Book of Pontiffs of the Church of Ravenna, English translation with introduction, The Catholic University of America Press, 2004.
  • Agnellus Ravennatis, Liber pontificalis ecclesiae Ravennatis, edited Latin text with introduction, Corpus Christianorum Continuatio Mediaevalis 199, Brepols Publishers, 2006.
  • Ravenna in Late Antiquity, Cambridge University Press, 2010.
  • Fifty Early Medieval Things, with Paolo Squatriti and Hendrik Dey, Cornell University Press, 2019.

Some recent articles

  • "The Mosaics of Ravenna," in The Routledge Handbook of Early Christian Art, ed. Robin M. Jensen and Mark D. Ellison (Routledge, 2018), pp. 347-363.
  • "Episcopal Commemoration in Late Fifth-century Ravenna," in J. Herrin and J. Nelson, eds., Ravenna: its Role in Earlier Medieval Change and Exchange (University of London, Institute of Historical Research, 2016), pp. 39-51.
  • "Urban Life and Culture," in Shane Bjornlie, Kristina Sessa, and Jon Arnold, eds., A Companion to Ostrogothic Italy (Brill, 2016), pp. 234-262.
  • "Church-Building in Rhetoric and Reality in the 5th-7th centuries," in C. Radtki, M. Danner and D. Boschung, eds., Politische Fragmentierung und kulturelle Kohärenz in der Spätantike (Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2015), pp. 159-182.
  • "The Roman Liber pontificalis, Papal Primacy, and the Acacian Schism," Viator 45.3 (2014):  1-16.
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