Pete Giordano

Primary Academic Advisor, Department of History

Department of History

  • Ballantine Hall 806
    1020 E Kirkwood Ave
    Bloomington, IN47405
  • Office Hours
    F riday
    1-4pm or by appointment
IU; IU Bloomington

Current Projects

I am the Academic Advisor for undergraduate students in history. I can help you to understand your degree requirements with a History Major or Minor and plan out the coursework in future semesters. I can formally declare a History Major or Minor for you, or calculate whether an additional major or minor will fit in your degree plan. I can help you look for complimentary opportunities that speak to your interest in history and your other goals, including academic programs, opportunities for overseas study, and internships. You can ask me about a variety of academic policies and procedures. And, I can connect you to academic support services, such as tutoring centers for writing or mathematics.

I can also help you explore the skills you are developing through your studies in history, and to think about how they connect with potential careers. I collaborate with the career coaches at the Walter Center for Career Achievement to help students think about their values, interests, and skills in the context of work and careers. I believe that your studies in History will help you to become a genuinely intelligent and capable person, with excellent communication skills, analytical abilities, a deep knowledge of the world around you, and empathy for the lives and experiences of others.  Those are enormously valuable skills that are relevant to many fields and employers, and I can help you to communicate about them and connect them to career opportunities.

To make an advising appointment:

  • click here (or go to One.IU and select the “Student Appointment Scheduler” task if this link doesn't work).
  • Select my name (or search for "Giordano" if my name doesn't appear immediately)
  • Choose a date and time when I have an appointment available. You should receive a confirmation e-mail after submission.

Want to add a history minor?

College of Arts and Sciences majors wishing to add a history minor may send me an e-mail request with their student ID number in the body of the message. Students from other schools on campus will need to arrange an appointment as indicated above. Additional information regarding the history undergraduate program may be found at the department's Undergraduate web page

Current history major or minor? Taking a history course?

The Student Portal has more information on advising services, a PDF Major checklist, and additional petition forms for study abroad and other course-related questions. We also have a guide to writing good history essays for students working on a history paper.