Der rote Hiob

Mirjam Zadoff
Publication Date
August 25, 2014

Werner Scholem always took the road less traveled. Born in Berlin's Jewish middle class in 1895, he married a woman of humble origins and earned his living as an editor of "Die Roten Fahne" (The Red Flag, the central newspaper of the Communist Party of Germany or KPD). Scholem was eventually expelled from the KPD because of his criticism of Stalin. At the same time, the Nazis considered him an enemy par-excellence since he was both a communist and a Jew. In 1940, he was murdered at Buchenwald concentration camp.

Scholem's biography is the essence of an entire epoch. He exemplified the internal fractures of German society and the living conditions of Jews in Germany during the interwar period. Mirjam Zadoff's thoughtful biography explores these trends through interviews with witnesses and newly published personal chronicles.


Mirjam Zadoff, Der rote Hiob (Hanser, 2014).